Story of how the sex fantasy with mother was fulfilled

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Suraj coveted his mother for a long time and had a sex fantasy about her. He is married and has a son, but his relationship with his wife soured when he found his wife cheating on him. However, he decided to continue with his family because of his son. He thought his walking away may jeopardize his son’s studies.

His parents lived at a distance, and he used to visit them weekly. When his mother Sonalata used to start to backbite against his wife, he disliked that. But somehow, in his mind, he grew the idea that Sonalata might substitute his wife.

After his father’s passing away, he decided to be with his mother for some time to help her get over the grief. As he coveted Sonalata, he started doing things indirectly to make her understand his desire. He was afraid of directly proposing to his mother.

Sonalata was 65 and was not impressive by any means. But starved of sex, that was enough for Suraj. Moreover, he had a fascination for her for a long time. When he knew Sona would pass from the way, he pretended to masturbate, keeping the toilet door open.

As expected, Sona saw him masturbating, and when his eyes met with her, he hastily closed the door as if he had kept it open by mistake. After some time, he came out and said sorry to his mother. He said he had nothing to do as his wife did not have sex with him for long. He does not have the money to pay for sex.

Sona said she was really sorry for her son. The matter did not proceed after that. So Suraj hit upon a plan. The next morning, he told his mother that he had to leave her and stay somewhere else as he was having disturbing thoughts.

When his mother asked him, he said that he could not reveal them as they would disturb her. But Sona insisted on listening. Mustering as much courage as possible, he told Sona he had a dream.

A mysterious being told him that his misfortunes would increase if he does not listen to it in the dream.  His wife would increase his woes. His already troubled finance would be jeopardized all the more, and he would be forced to commit suicide. He knew that only this would work if anything would work at all.

When Sona asked what remedy did it suggest Suraj again became mute. He told Sona it cannot be discussed. But Sona insisted. Suraj told her that he would reveal the full truth only if Sona gives him permission to leave the house immediately after listening to it. Sona said that it would be discussed later.

Suraj then said that it ordered Suraj to secretly marry Sona in their house and spend a night with his mother. He said that he had been told that marrying his mother and making her his wife would bring luck for both of them.

Saying this, Suraj immediately went out of the house, saying that he cannot do that and he cannot live with his mother after this. He went to his office and waited for his mother’s call. His mother did not call. He became apprehensive. Did the plan not work then? He decided to call his mother.

Sona picked up his call, and he requested Sona to have her medicines regularly and eat properly. He added that he would call her every day and send all her necessary things through a messenger whenever she demanded. Sona asked Suraj if he would never come.

Suraj replied that with disturbing thoughts, he cannot. He boldly added that if he came, he might stay desiring her, which he should not. However, Sona asked him to come for dinner in the evening. She said he might leave after dinner if he wished. Sonu agreed. This is what he wanted.

He came back from the office earlier than usual. Sona opened the door, and he went inside. Sona brought tea for him and sat beside him. Then she asked her son what he has decided. Suraj said that he has decided to live separately. He added that it was better as he wanted to die early.

He said if his finances were more jeopardized, it would do him good to force him to commit suicide. Sona then said that he could take some time in the house, and they would live separately. Sona also disliked the idea. She added that it did not seem a nice thought.

For the life of the son, a mother can do anything. At the back of her mind, Sona did not want to leave her son though she was not interested in sex. She was superstitious and was afraid of her son as well. Seeing that the matter was not proceeding quickly, Suraj decided to speed up the matter.

He pretended to be bent on committing suicide. After some time, Sona asked him whether he was okay with the idea of marrying his mother and sleeping with her. He admitted that though he knew it was wrong, things like that were coming to his mind. He wanted to leave the house.

He added that he did not want to inconvenience his mother. Sona replied that though she did not like the idea, she would do whatever is required for her son’s benefit. Suraj added he also did not like the idea. His mother was old enough, but still, he would prefer to go for it and sleep with her one night.

After that, she suggested both would go on a ‘tirthyatra’ for repentance. Sona agreed to it reluctantly, and Suraj got the opportunity to have his way. He told Sona that he would go out and buy a new sari for her and come back. He also said that he would bring two garlands.

Suraj was back with the sari and garlands soon and asked Sona to go and wear the sari. Reluctantly, Sona did so, and they exchanged garlands. Suraj put a little bit of sindoor on her forehead. He declared to Sona that from then onwards, she was his wife.

No, Sona did not have to cook that day. Suraj ordered the food from outside, and they had dinner in the cozy comfort of their bedroom. After dinner, Suraj told Sona to wait for him in the bed. He went to the toilet and had a bath to make him clean. He came back to Sona within minutes.

He asked Sona how she was feeling. Sona was feeling a bit awkward. Suraj asked her to come near him. Sona remained seated. Suraj then went to her and, holding her head, planted a kiss on her forehead. Sona said that she was not ready for sex with her son.

Suraj said that he was to do it only once. He asked Sona to close her eyes. Sona did so, and Suraj planted kisses in the eyes of her mother. Then he embraced his mother and brought her closer to him, and made her sit in his lap. His cock was getting hard.

Slowly he brought his hands down and lightly pressed the boobs of Sona. She was still having her eyes closed. He asked how she used to breastfeed her. Sona was silent. Suraj slowly opened the blouse and the bra of Sona and exposed her boobs.

He was looking at the breasts of her mother. He started pressing one and sucking one. Sona was still on his lap. He brought her down and made her stand in front of him. His hands were on the ropes of her petticoat. He loosened the petticoat. The sari and petticoat together fell on the ground.

Sona was not wearing a panty. In front of Suraj was his mother Sona, fully naked with partially grey pubic hairs. Suraj’s dream was on the verge of being fulfilled. He asked Sona whether she would like him to call her name or be comfortable with being called Mother.

Sona replied Suraj may call her anything as she was already feeling herself to be a slut satisfying her son. Suraj said that he would prefer to call her Sona. He was now pressing both the boobs hard and knew that it was a bit painful for the old lady. But he was doing so for the moaning sounds of pain.

Soon he could hear the sound. Then he brought his fingers down to her pussy. He said that it was the most sacred thing for him as it was the doorway through which he came to this world. Now when he would enter it again, it would be a sort of pilgrimage for him.

He made Sona lie down on the bed and ordered her to spread her legs. Sona obeyed, and he planted a kiss on her pussy. This time Sona gave a little jerk on the bed. Suraj understood that she was getting on. He started licking her mother’s pussy vigorously.

The juicy liquid that came out after some time tasted heavenly. He then asked Sona to come down and sit on the floor and open his pant with her own hand and give him a suck. Sona said it would be difficult for her, but Suraj insisted that she try once.

If she disliked it, she would not have to continue and again planted a kiss on her forehead. Sona obeyed and took her son’s cock in her mouth, and started sucking it. When Suraj got extremely horny, he again put her mother to bed.

Now, without wasting a second, he inserted her cock inside her mother while kissing her vigorously. Sona started reciprocating the kisses and embraced her son hard. They carried on their lovemaking in a vigorous silence. Soon Suraj ejaculated inside her mother.

They kissed each other again. Suraj and Sona lay on their bed in the embrace of each other in absolute silence. Suraj had accomplished his heart’s desire. He was feeling reassured of a new and continual sex life. Sona was happy to satisfy the desire of her son and discover her real man.

Though they did not express it, both knew that they had reinvented their love for each other.

प्रिय पाठक, एक अच्छा पाठक एक अच्छा लेखक होता है। यदि आपके पास ऐसा कोई अनुभव है, तो इसे सभी के साथ साझा करना सुनिश्चित करें। यह साइट लिखने के लिए सभी के लिए खुली है। अपनी जीवन कहानी या अनुभव पोस्ट करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें।

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